The Hot Stream Machine (2013)

The hot stream machine is a simple application that allows the user to listen to infinite streams of numbers. The numbers are mapped to notes. The user can select different mathematical streams and assign instruments to them. The speed of each stream can be changed and different streams can be mixed into one soundscape. By listening to the resulting sound one can identify characteristics of the original streams, such as repeating patterns or rising tendencies of the numbers. The project was exhibited at the open day of CWI, where it was part of an exhibition that communicated the concept of streams to children.

The project was realized in collaboration with Joost Winter and Jurriaan Rot. I used openFrameworks and Pure Data for the original version that was presented at the open day event (see image). In the meantime, I realized an improved and extended version, which also allows users to add, subtract, multiply and zip (interleave) streams. This new version was realized with Max (Cycling ’74).