QRona (2020)

QRona allows organizers of gatherings to collect contact data of the participants in a privacy-friendly and user-friendly manner. For this, it utilizes identity-based encryption and the IRMA app. QRona was developed by the Privacy by Design Foundation and Radboud University. I have worked on QRona as an interaction designer and front-end developer. QRona can be found online at https://qrona.info. The open source code is available at: https://github.com/privacybydesign/qrona. My contributed code can be found on GitHub under the username CreativeCode. We also published a scientific paper that discusses the underlying principles.

Application reference: B. Jacobs, L. Botros, H. Schraffenberger, B. Westerbaan, I. Derksen, B. van Gastel and W. Geraedts, QRona [Web application], 2020, Publisher: Privacy by Design Foundation and Radboud University. Available at: https://qrona.info.

Paper reference: Hoffman, A. S., Jacobs, B., van Gastel, B., Schraffenberger, H., Sharon, T., & Pas, B. (2020). Towards a seamful ethics of covid-19 contact tracing apps? Ethics and Information Technology.