About me

I am Hanna Schraffenberger — a creative researcher working on digital sovereignty and autonomy, primarily focusing on individuals. In particular, I study privacy- and security-enhancing technologies, deceptive design and online manipulation, as well as AI-supported decision-making. I conduct playful hands-on research where the human-centered design of proof of concepts and interactive artifacts plays a central role in identifying questions and obtaining knowledge. I am an assistant professor at Radboud University’s Digital Security group and am affiliated with Radboud’s interdisciplinary research hub on digitalization and society called iHub. In addition, I volunteer as a usability engineer at the Privacy by Design Foundation.

I was born in Stuttgart (Germany) in 1983 and studied Audiovisual Media (BEng) from 2005 until 2008 at Stuttgart Media University. Subsequently, I have been a graduate and PhD student at Leiden University, The Netherlands. I completed my Media Technology MSc with honours in 2011 and, subsequently, my PhD in 2018. In addition to my studies, I have been active as a musician, educator, and lecturer and contributed to conferences, festivals, concerts, contests, and exhibitions.

I love teaching and have, e.g., taught many courses about Human-Computer Interaction, New Media, and related topics. I am also very active in communicating science to a broader audience with both conventional and unconventional kinds of media. I have acted as the editor-in-chief of the AR[t] magazine, in which researchers from all over the world share their interest in Augmented Reality, discuss its applications in the arts and provide insight into the underlying technology.