About me

I am Hanna Schraffenberger — a creative researcher working in the intersection between human-centred technology and value-driven design. In particular, I apply user experience research in the domain of privacy, security and data ethics. My goal is to create privacy-enhancing technologies that are both user-friendly and secure. Currently, I am an Assistant Professor at Radboud University, where I teach courses about Human-Computer Interaction and New Media at the Artificial Intelligence department and conduct research at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour. In addition, I volunteer as a usability engineer at the Privacy by Design Foundation.

I was born in Stuttgart (Germany) in 1983 and studied Audiovisual Media (BEng) from 2005 until 2008 at Stuttgart Media University. Subsequently, I have been a graduate and PhD student at Leiden University, The Netherlands. I completed my Media Technology MSc with honours in 2011 and subsequently, my PhD in 2018. In addition to my studies, I have been active as a musician, educator and lecturer and contributed to conferences, festivals, concerts, contests and exhibitions.

In the past, my research has addressed Augmented Reality.  My PhD thesis examines the fundamental characteristics and potential manifestations of augmented reality (AR). More specifically, I have investigated those unique AR scenarios and experiences that have no equivalent in a purely physical world. In the course of my PhD trajectory I have combined theoretical research with the development of new forms of augmented reality.

I am very active in communicating science to a broader audience with both conventional and unconventional kinds of media. I have acted as the editor-in-chief of the AR[t] magazine, in which researchers from all over the world share their interest in Augmented Reality, discuss its applications in the arts and provide insight into the underlying technology.

For more details, download my academic CV.