JETZT! (2011)

Jetzt2011HeaderBetween graduating and starting my position as a PhD student, I worked as an educator and programmer for the art project “Jetzt! 2011”. Jetzt! is an annual multi-media event involving over 100 kids from various school forms. Jetzt! invites kids to explore and perform music, dance, acting, visual art, light and sound in new ways. During the the course of the Jetzt!2011-project , I was working with the “computer music group”. This group consisted of seven teenagers, which used computers, joysticks and a USB dancing mat as interfaces for performing their own — partly improvised, partly pre-composed — pieces. The first phase of the project was spent on introducing the group to audio recording and editing techniques. Subsequently, we developed the `comprovisations’. Besides working as an educator, I also programmed the software applications that were used by the group.

Have a look at (some of) the pieces of the final performance here:


Find out more about the yearly Jetzt!-series on 

If you are interested in the software that I programmed for Jetzt!, have a look here.