IRMA (2017-2021)

IRMA is an identity management app by the Privacy by Design Foundation and SIDN. Users can fill the app with verified information about themselves (e.g., name, address, age, and email address) by obtaining these from trusted issuers (e.g., a municipality). The collected data can then be used for authentication (e.g., to log in at a website) and to generate digital signatures. In 2017-2021, I have worked on the IRMA app as an usability engineer. My work included interaction design, user experience research, and front-end development. The app is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. The code is available at My contributed code can be found on GitHub under the username CreativeCode. In 2023, IRMA was rebranded, and it is now available under the new name Yivi (see

I have also written a blog about some of my IRMA related activities, which can be found here:

Furthermore, two of my articles refer to IRMA:

Terpstra, A., Graßl, P., & Schraffenberger, H. (2021). Think before you click: how reflective patterns contribute to privacy [position paper]. In Workshop “What Can CHI Do About Dark Patterns?” at the CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI’21)

Jacobs, B., & Schraffenberger, H. (2020). Friction for privacy. why privacy by design needs user experience design. In European Cyber Security Perspectives 2020, 12–14.

Link to the IRMA/YIVI app: