RecPlay is one of the ensembles for improvised music that I have joined as a saxophonist and computer musician. Click here to listen to our sessions.

The Formamat returns candies in exchange for the deletion of digital data from the user’s device. It invites people to experience the joy of deletion and to think about the value of their files.

Photography is one of my hobbies… Here you can find a selection of images I took over the last years.

Beatnik is a drum machine which applies evolutionary computing methods to generate drum patterns. Users can manipulate a set of suggested beats by evaluating them.

The Interactive Window installation shows that windows and glass walls can be used as a place for interactive art, as a central design element and as an information display.

Narcissus is a software-experiment and work of art that explores the possibilities of enriching traditional shadow play using a computer-setup and genetic algorithms (GAs).

One-press control & WYTIWYG are two related projects we realized for pressure sensitive keyboards in the context of the UIST 2009 Student Innovation Contest.

The Glass Beat Game is an instrument for simple music making and an exploration into the relationship between playing board games and creating music.

P!INK SCIENCE is a series of 5 t-shirts (and labels) explaining the scientific topics evolution, emergence, chaos theory, the uncertainty principle and self-reference.

Backshift is a computer program for playing free improvised music. Working on Backshift has resulted both in the software and in several recordings.

OpenMic is a video game that was designed to explore the possibilities of non-verbal human voice input as an alternative and innovative human-computer interaction method.

Wall of Sound is a touchscreen music sequencer application which allows the user create music by placing, touching and modifying different virtual objects on the canvas.

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